The JASMIN facility provides a service for the environmental research community in the UK, combining cutting-edge computing and storage technologies with access to key datasets and the ability to create, share and access these on a flexible, collaborative platform.
JASMIN is operated by STFC on behalf of NERC to provide NERC scientists with access to these services, in general for free at the point of use. In order to promote collaboration, innovation and knowledge exchange, access is also granted to a broader research community on a cost-recovery basis.


In general, you are eligible to access JASMIN if you are:

  • a UK-based academic carrying out NERC-funded research or related environmental science projects

Individuals from other organisations, including some government or commercial organisations, who meet the following criteria, may also be eligible:

  • Non-profit nature of research
    • Research conducted using the JASMIN facility must be non-profit in nature and satisfy one of the following conditions:
      • An individual from an industrial or commercial organisation must be actively engaged in research funded by a non-profit research organisation such as the Natural Environment Research Council, the European Space Agency or European Commission, or
      • An individual participating in a non-profit research project with a UK-based academic partner who is eligible for a JASMIN account.
  • UK research interest
    • An individual in a UK-based organisation (with UK funding), or having an academic project partner based in the UK.
  • Scientific remit
    • The area of research must fall within the broad remit of the Natural Environment Research Council.

Note: There may be a cost to access JASMIN for some categories of project/user, depending on the resources required: please contact us to find out more.

Resource allocation

The eligibility outlined above relates to whether an individual (or project) may be granted access to JASMIN. Quantities of available resources on JASMIN, such as storage and compute, are allocated to communities as a whole in proportions which reflect the level of investment by those particular research communities, hence eligibility for access is a separate issue from the allocation of resources, for either shared or exclusive usage of those resources. See Resources for Projects.

How to access

Eligible individuals can access JASMIN as follows:

  • Apply for a JASMIN account via the JASMIN Accounts Portal. This account is the user profile to which further access privileges can be granted.
    • For further instructions about setting up your JASMIN account with jasmin-login access, see Getting Started.
    • Not all users of JASMIN need jasmin-login access: managers of external tenancies in the JASMIN Community Cloud may only need their JASMIN Account to be granted access to their cloud tenancy, which itself is administered via the JASMIN Cloud Portal)
    • You may need additional access privileges related to your project, for example Group Workspaces. Applications for access to these can be made via the JASMIN Accounts Portal, which are approved by the relevant manager of that workspace (often a project PI).
  • Once your account is set up with all the privileges you need, the main points of access are:

Learn more

The JASMIN team has put together an extensive set of documentation which covers how to access JASMIN and how to use it in the most effective manner. Please visit the documentation site to learn more before you first connect.

We also encourage all users to either attend one of our training workshops, or to work through the materials presented at the workshop in their own time. This will provide an essential overview of how to get the best out of JASMIN while avoiding problems for yourself or other users.