Resources on JASMIN such as storage and compute are allocated to science community "consortia". Each consortium has a manager: a representative of that science community who is in touch with its major activities and understands the resource requirements for projects in that domain. Representatives of individual projects should discuss requirements with their Consortium Manager, who is best placed to make decisions about the allocation of JASMIN resources within that consortium. Requirements can be documented using the "JASMIN Resource Management" tool, but need to be approved by a Consortium Manager before being passed to the JASMIN Team for provisioning.

The overall allocation of resources to consortia is managed and reviewed periodically by the CEDA/JASMIN Board.

management of resources for projects

The following consortia exist, organised by science community:

JASMIN Consortia
Abbreviation Name Manager
atpolsci Atmospheric & Polar Science Grenville Lister, University of Reading
director NCAS CMS Director's cross-cutting activities Bryan Lawrence, University of Reading
ecohydro Ecology & Hydrology Mike Brown, CEH
eoclim Earth Observation & Climate Victoria Bennett, CEDA
genomics Genomics TBD
geology Geology TBD
jwcrp Joint Weather & Climate Research Programme Ag Stephens, CEDA
npg National public good Bryan Lawrence, University of Reading
oceanss Ocean & Shelf Seas Andrew Coward, NOC
semp Solid Earth & Mineral Physics John Brodholt, UCL