CEDA Archives

Data in the BADC and NEODC archives is directly accessible as a file system from the shared science machines. Many datasets have restricted access that requires you to first apply for access to the data directly from the data centres. Once you have been given authorisation from the data centre you will be given the needed unix groups that will allow read access to the archive data on JASMIN. 

Use the CEDA website to apply for the data you need. You can use the standard FTP and web based access methods to transfer data from the BADC or NEODC to JASMIN group workspace. As the data centres use the same JASMIN infrastructure the transfer rates are high. See the BADC and NEODC sites for details of datasets.

However most dataset are avaliable directly as a file system under /badc and /neodc. 

Direct access through JASMIN

Once you are in the relavant archive /badc or /neodc  you can list the data using the ls command, for example

$ cd /badc
$ ls

You can then move to the neodc archive and list its contets by typing

$ cd /neodc
$ ls

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