JASMIN Analysis Platform

The JASMIN Analysis Platform is a Linux-based system containing many of the tools used by Atmospheric and Earth Observation scientists use to analyse data. CEDA maintains a set of RPMs compatible with Red hat Enterprise Linux 6 and CentOS 6.4 which radically reduces the overhead in installing these analysis tools. The JASMIN Analysis Platform is installed on all shared analysis VMs within the ​JASMIN infrastructure and can be installed on dedicated VMs on request.

Try out on an existing VM

JASMIN Analysis Platform is the standard installation on the JASMIN/CEMS general scientific analysis servers, jasmin-sci[123].ceda.ac.uk, cems-sci[12].cems.rl.ac.uk. New Jasmin Users should visit the Getting Started guide, followed by further information about the scientific analysis servers, where this software is deployed.

Install on your own system

JAP is also available as RPMs which can be installed onto an existing system outside of JASMIN. Additionally, managers of dedicated VMs can request for them to be installed on their VM. RPMs are available for Red hat Enterprise Linux 6 or a binary-compatible alternative such as CentOS 6.4.

Release Cycle

jasmin-scivm is the GitHub project representing the effort to maintain and release JAP on a regular basis. New packages can be requested for inclusion in the package, which are then considered and tested internally before being placed on a test server, jasmin-sci1-test.ceda.ac.uk. This VM enables users to try out (at their own risk!) the next release of the distribution. Once stable, it is then rolled out to the rest of JASMIN including LOTUS.

A list of current issues is maintained. You can submit issues if you have a github account, or alternatively please email support@ceda.ac.uk to have an issue raised on your behalf.

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