Group Workspaces

Group Workspaces (GWS) are portions of short-term project storage allocated for particular projects to manage themselves, enabling collaborating scientists to share network accessible disk. Users can pull data from external sites to a common cache, process and analyse their data, and where allowed, exploit data available from other group workspaces and from the CEDA archive.

Group Workspaces are usually exploited in conjunction with shared computing resources such as the scientific analysis servers and the LOTUS batch processing cluster, which mount all Group Workspaces and the CEDA archive. Where these computing resources are not sufficient to meet particular project requirements, in some case it is possible to create project-specific virtual machines in the JASMIN infrastructure.

It is important to understand that these workspaces are not the same as the CEDA archive. Data in a GWS can be earmarked for ingestion into the CEDA archive, but this is a process that should be discussed directly with CEDA, it is not automatic in any way.

Data within Group Workspaces are the responsibility of the designated Group Workspace manager and are not backed up by CEDA

An "Elastic Tape" system is available, enabling GWS managers to manage secondary copies of their data and to move less-frequently used data out to near-line tape to enable optimal use of high-performance disk space.

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