Dos and Don'ts

Dos and Don'ts on JASMIN

  • Do not undertake any illegal activity or copy any offensive material on to JASMIN machines
  • Only login to JASMIN servers via SSH using a Public/Private key pair having uploaded your public key to your JASMIN portal account
  • Ensure that your SSH private key is protected by a strong password
  • Take every reasonable precaution to ensure that neither your account nor your public key is used by another person
  • Do not access any datasets visible on the system that you do not have permission to access. To access CEDA Archive datasets you may need to apply for access via the CEDA catalogue.
  • Do not facilitate access to any datasets visible on the system by a third party without prior agreed consent from the service provider and/or the original data provider
  • Do not store any personal information on JASMIN systems
  • Do not undertake any commercial activities on JASMIN systems
  • Do not use social media for anything other than project purposes 
  • Do comply with additional, specific conditions of use for any VMs, Group Workspaces or other resources to which you are granted access.
  • Do consider others when using shared server resources such as the scientific analysis servers
  • Do estimate job resources properly when submitting jobs to LOTUS

For full information please see the JASMIN Terms and Conditions of Access.

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